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Stephen Hoersting

Stephen Hoersting helps clients comply with the complexities of political law and routinely litigates First Amendment and campaign-finance cases in federal and state courts across the United States. Steve has litigated three of most high-profile cases in the country since 2010, including: v. FEC, the case that created the “super PAC” in American campaigns; Carey v. FEC, the case that created “hybrid PACs” under federal law; and McCutcheon v. FEC, the case that struck down aggregate contribution limits on individual donors. In addition, he filed two amicus briefs in the notorious U.S. Supreme Court case, Citizens United v. FEC.

Steve was a founding board member and officer of the Center for Competitive Politics, currently the nation’s largest organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political rights. In that role, Steve devised speech-protective projects, including the legislative defeat of federal “grassroots lobbying disclosure” in 2007 and the DISCLOSE Act in 2011.

Prior to co-founding the Center for Competitive Politics, Steve was General Counsel to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), where he provided counsel to Republican U.S. Senators and was responsible for all legal operations of the committee. He also served as Chief Counsel to the Federal Election Commission’s Vice-Chairman during the critical period of time in which the FEC was required to draft and amend its regulations to implement the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (aka “McCain-Feingold”), the bulk of which still regulate campaigns and political activities today.

In addition to his legal practice, Steve is an accomplished author and has published articles at the Cato Institute, the Election Law Journal, National Review Online, and other outlets.

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