Anna Mackin

Notre Dame Law School, J.D.

University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Anna is an accomplished civil litigator with extensive experience advising elected and appointed officials at the state and federal levels. Her expertise lies in constitutional and political law, specifically in the areas of campaign finance, voting and elections, redistricting, and the First Amendment. Anna most recently served as counsel to a Chairman and a Vice Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and previously served as the chief legal advisor to the Texas Senate during the post-2020 legislative redistricting cycle.

Anna spent five years defending the State of Texas, its officers, its agencies, and its laws in high-profile and politically charged civil litigation as a member of the Texas Attorney General’s Office, where she also served as a liaison between the Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Legislature. Anna’s extensive public service career also includes time with prestigious organizations such as the Cato Institute, the Institute for Free Speech, the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and the Texas Court of Appeals for the Third Judicial District.