John Lappe*

The University of Dallas, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Office: Dallas, TX
Email: [email protected]
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John Lappe serves as a Managing Director of Vantage Point, LLC, a Gober Group-affiliated company that provides actionable information for well-informed decision making.

John has provided research for Republican campaigns, legislative caucuses, PACs, and independent expenditure committees at every level government, ranging from candidates for city council to candidates for President of the United States.

Prior to working with The Gober Group, John founded a research and intelligence firm that provided corporate and political services, including opposition research, vulnerability studies, vetting, and litigation support. John also previously served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a national Republican general consulting and opposition research firm and Assistant Executive Director of, a national government transparency organization that focuses on exposing government waste.

A graduate of the University of Dallas, John lives in Texas with his wife and their two children.

* Denotes non-attorney professional