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Attorney: Lyft can legally offer credit for rides to, from polling locations

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April 26, 2016

By Jason Puckett, KVUE

AUSTIN – Users of the popular ride-sharing app Lyft may have received a notification recently offering a $10 credit for a ride to a polling location.

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Many online responded to the offer by questioning its legality and asking if one of the companies involved in the election should be able to offer an incentive to potential voters.

Attorney Ross Fischer with The Gober Group agreed that it does look fishy at first, but said legally it’s OK.

“There are laws in Texas that govern the involvement of corporations in local measure elections like the Prop 1 election,” Fischer said. “Basically they have two options: They can make an expenditure, an independent expenditure and then they would have to go report that to the City of Austin. The second option is they treat it as a campaign contribution to the committee that’s supporting Prop 1.”

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