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Fox News: Federal court ruling may see super PAC money rise in Texas

Monday, February 17, 2014

In a state already known for sky-high political spending, so-called super PACS can now begin flexing their campaign muscle in Texas too, according to a published report Monday.

A recent federal court ruling essentially overturned Texas’ ban on super PACs, political action committees that can spend lavishly as long as they aren’t coordinating directly with political campaigns.

After the Citizens United decision, the Texas Legislature removed the state’s prohibition on corporate contributions to political candidates, but the ban on giving to PACs survived, according to the Gober Hilgers law firm.

Two years ago, the firm handled a lawsuit filed by Texans for Free Enterprise. It sued the Texas Ethics Commission, contending the state ban on corporate contributions to PACs was unconstitutional.

The appeals court agreed, noting Texans for Free Enterprise’s “ability to speak is undoubtedly limited when it cannot raise money to pay for free speech.”

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