Political & Election Law: Boston Herald: McGovern: Donald Trump could drag contest into December with challenge

Friday, October 21, 2016

October 21, 2016

By: Bob McGovern Boston Herald

Donald Trump could tie up the election into December if he doesn’t accept the results and launches a series of long-shot legal challenges in key battleground states.

Trump, who has taken the unprecedented stance of calling the election “rigged,” has several options should Hillary Clinton win the day on Nov. 8. He can petition individual states to recount the ballots — an expensive maneuver that only matters in jurisdictions that don’t have automatic recount procedures in close elections.

“Even when it’s a recount by request, the results have to be very close. It’s the same in states with automatic recounts,” said Troy McCurry [of The Gober Group], a former FEC attorney. “A lot of the states that have recounts by request, it has to be paid for by the candidate, and there is a specific timeframe.”

After a recount, Trump can challenge those results. His attorneys could also challenge the election as a whole, arguing that there was voter fraud or even push the dubious case that the media helped sway the whole thing.


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